Top Foods to Lose Weight

1. Chicken breast

Chicken breast is a really healthy food that can help you lose weight. Only 3 ounces of cooked chicken breast has 26 grams of protein.


Include cod in your weekly meals to potentially see weight loss.


One medium artichoke has about 7 grams of fiber, which is 25% of your Daily Value .

4.Sweet potatoes

One sweet orange potato has almost 4 grams of fiber, which is 14% of your daily value.


Broccoli has a lot of vitamin K, which is important for bone health and blood clotting.

6. Oats

Oats are a good source of fiber, especially soluble fiber, like other whole grains.

7. Whole grain bread

Barley I cooked barley in a wooden bowl. It is a food that can help with weight loss.

7. Brown rice

 choose your preferred protein such as grilled chicken, tofu, or roasted salmon, and pair it with a non-starchy vegetable like zucchini or asparagus.

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