Best Hairstyle for Your Zodiac Sign

The appropriate style for their strong personality and quick preparation is an edgy pixie cut.

Aries: The Pixie Cut

Taurus values classic, easy-to-maintain style. A shaggy, ‘70s-inspired midi cut suits everyone and is always in vogue.

Taurus: The Midi Cut

The French girl bob is perfect for year-round style and low upkeep. It suits this air sign because it's sleek, simple, and stylish.

Gemini: The French Girl Bob

Easy and elegant, a messy bun allows them focus on what matters most—friends and family.

Cancer: The Messy Bun

The lion's mane-inspired haircut matches their charisma and confidence with bouncy waves and powerful volume.

Leo: The Fresh Blowout

Slicked-back buns are simple, stylish, and precise, making them the ideal choice.

Virgo: The Sleek Bun

The long bob, or “lob,” is great for this classy symbol since it is both edgy and elegant.

Libra: The Long Bob

Their gorgeous and sultry Hollywood waves match their enticing attitude.

Scorpio: Old Hollywood Waves

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