The Marvels takes top spot at the box office with $47 million payday

"The Marvels" disappointed at the box office, earning the lowest opening for a Marvel film with just $47 million.

"Five Night's at Freddy's" scared its way to second place, making $9 million with Josh Hutcherson starring as a guard in a spooky pizza place.

Taylor Swift's concert film, "The Eras Tour," continued to rock theaters, earning $5.9 million over the weekend and nearly $241 million worldwide.

Sofia Coppola's "Priscilla," depicting Elvis Presley's relationship with his first wife, ranked fourth at $4.65 million.

"Killers of the Flower Moon," a crime drama with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, also earned $4.65 million, landing in fifth place.

"The Holdovers," a heartwarming drama about a teacher and student forming a holiday bond, secured sixth place, gathering $3.2 million. Critics and audiences praised it.

A new release, "Journey to Bethlehem," debuted in seventh place.

With a mix of superheroes, scares, music, and drama, the weekend's box office revealed varied tastes in moviegoers.

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