Superpower That All Zodiac Signs Should Have

Although Aries cannot regulate fire, they are passionate about whatever they undertake! It motivates individuals to pursue their dreams no matter what.

Aries: Passion

Tough-skinned Taurus can weather any storm and overcome any task.

Taurus: Endurance

Gemini can adjust to anything because they are mutable. Geminis can adapt to any situation and fit in with anyone.

Gemini: Flexibility

Cancers' exceptional emotional awareness allows them to notice mood changes in others, and they prefer intuition over logic.

Cancer: Intuition

Sun-ruled Leos are magnetic and attract others. They're charismatic and adore attention.

Leo: Leadership

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgo and the sixth house. Thus, Virgo is naturally inclined to help others.

Virgo: Selflessness

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