Nutrients for brain health and function

1. Fatty Fish

 Eating fatty fish helps keep your mind sharp and stabilizes mood swings. It's good for your brain structure, especially in middle-aged people.

2. Blueberries

 Blueberries and similar foods like strawberries and raspberries contain powerful nutrients called flavonoids.

3. Eggs

Despite concerns about cholesterol, eggs are beneficial for brain development.

4. Dark Chocolate

Flavonoids in dark chocolate may protect brain cells. Studies suggest they can reduce plaque growth and increase blood flow in the brain.

5. Oranges

Vitamin C in oranges plays a role in brain efficiency by contributing to the synthesis of myelin.

6. Spinach and Green Leafy 

Benefits: Folate in these vegetables reduces levels of homocysteine, which can be harmful to neurons.

7. Walnuts

 They are linked to lower blood pressure, cleaner arteries, and improved cognitive test scores.

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