Kick Unhealthy Foods To The Curb

1. Frozen pizza

Although they have fewer calories than pizza from your favorite local restaurant, frozen pizzas are loaded with sodium and artificial ingredients.

Frozen pizza

If you can't resist the urge to eat pizza, always attempt to make it from scratch using healthier ingredients, such as whole-wheat crust and an abundance of fresh vegetables.

2. Flavored yogurts

Most fruit-flavored yogurts are sweetened with an abundance of sugar and contain only a small quantity of real fruit. 

Flavored yogurts

In addition, their hues are frequently derived from synthetic food colorings or concentrated, processed fluids.

3. Store-bought smoothies

Good for you? Think again! While prepared fruit smoothies may appear to be a healthful alternative.

Store-bought smoothies

The unfortunate reality is that many of them are loaded with sugar, and calories, and lack the natural fiber found in homemade, whole-fruit smoothies.

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