Iowa-Nebraska had a perfect ending for the Big Ten West

Historic Game: A college football showdown between Nebraska Cornhuskers and Iowa Hawkeyes made history with the lowest Over/Under, featuring 14 punts and a thrilling three-point victory.

Big Ten West Farewell: The game marked the final regular-season match for both teams in the Big Ten West, setting the stage for a memorable farewell to the current division format.

Hawkeyes' Pursuit: Iowa, already heading to the Big Ten Championship Game, aimed for a ten-win season despite having an average of less than 250 yards of offense throughout the year.

Huskers' Ambition: Nebraska sought to finish the season 6-6 under new head coach Matt Rhule, striving for bowl eligibility in this crucial matchup.

On-Field Action: The game's first points came from Iowa's Deacon Hill, but Nebraska quickly responded with a 66-yard touchdown pass, keeping the competition intense.

Tied at Halftime: With the halftime score at 10-7, the teams entered the second half with a closely contested match.

Bizarre Ending: The final minute delivered unexpected twists, including interceptions and strategic plays, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Meeder's Moment: Iowa's backup kicker, Marshall Meeder, made his first field goal attempt of the season, securing a ten-win season for the Hawkeyes.

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