Former New York Mets catcher Ron Hodges dies at 74

Ron Hodges, Mets Catcher, Passes Away: Ron Hodges, a catcher with a 12-season career exclusively with the New York Mets, passed away at 74.

Death Confirmation: Mets spokesperson Jay Horwitz confirmed Hodges' death at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital after a brief illness.

Career Statistics: Hodges, drafted by the Mets in 1972, concluded his career in 1984 with a .240 batting average, 19 home runs, and 147 RBIs.

Managerial Changes: Playing under seven different managers with the Mets, Hodges experienced various leadership styles during his tenure.

Early Life: Born in Rocky Mount, Virginia, Hodges was the seventh of nine children, attended Franklin County High School, and later went to Appalachian State.

Debut and Memorable Moments: Hodges made his debut in 1973, catching Tom Seaver's complete game win over San Francisco.

Postseason Experience: Hodges had one postseason plate appearance, walking against Oakland's Rollie Fingers in Game 1 of the World Series.

Career Interruption: Like many players, Hodges faced a career interruption due to the 1981 midseason strike, contemplating alternative work during the hiatus.

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