Food To Eat Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Fabulous culinary writer, fire starter, and Aries Tammie Teclemariam created a heated online conversation about restaurant burrata's bland delivery.

ARIES: Burrata

Born hedonists, bulls benefit from adding raw veggies to their indulgence.

TAURUS: Raw carrot salad

Geminis are constantly thinking, thanks to Mercury, the fast-moving, far-reaching planet.

GEMINI: Pineapple sleep hack

Crab folk can enjoy cottage cheese's retro benefits because to their dominance over the home, lactose-pushing t–ts, and ancestral links.

CANCER: Cottage cheese

Virgo rules the bowels and ritual, service, and wellness sixth house. Celery juice lovers say a daily intake helps treat stomach disorders and psoriasis.

VIRGO: Celery juice

Libra, ruled by Venus, adapts to trends and imitation faster than any other zodiac sign.

LIBRA: Pickles

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