Father's Day Feast Recipes: Impress Your Son

1. Squash Steak

Enjoy a vegetarian delicacy with our Butternut Squash Steak served on a bed of buttery polenta.

Squash Steak

The combination of the tender, caramelized squash, and the rich, comforting polenta creates a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that will leave you wanting more.

2. Tortilla Soup

Our Creamy Tortilla Soup is a comforting bowl of luscious flavors and velvety texture.

Tortilla Soup

The combination of hearty vegetables, fragrant seasonings, and a creamy base results in a soup that is both nourishing and decadent.

3. Lentil Burger

Enjoy a satisfying plant-based lunch with our Lentil Burger and a side of crisp coleslaw.

Lentil Burger

The perfectly seasoned lentil patty is complemented by the crisp and piquant coleslaw.

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