F1 leaving Las Vegas Strip as new events approach

Las Vegas hosted a Formula One race recently, and now there's a rush to dismantle the temporary structures left behind, including lights, bridges.

The removal process began immediately after the Saturday night race, transforming Las Vegas Boulevard from a racetrack to a more typical setting within days.

The lights, barriers, and structures around the Strip, Harmon Avenue, Koval Lane, and Sands Avenue are still visible, awaiting removal.

Some trees near the Bellagio fountain, removed for the race, will be replanted before New Year’s Eve.

The grandstands, installed on hospitality property, are also being taken down, as hotel and casino operators prefer not to commit long term to the valuable land.

The temporary vehicle bridge over Koval on Flamingo Road, built for the race, is considered valuable due to increased traffic flow.

The responsibility of dismantling the Formula One infrastructure lies with the F1 organization, but a specific timeline for the takedown has not been publicly disclosed.

The CEO of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA) suggests the removal process could take up to eight weeks after the conclusion of the racing events.

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