Delicious, Healthy Lunch for Weight Loss

Lettuce Wraps

Swap pork for tofu, chicken, or beef for a flexible meat combination that tastes fantastic on practically everything. 

Salmon Salad

When you want something fresh without a lot of work, this salad is excellent. 

Tofu Noodle Bowl

This 30-minute, nutrient-packed noodle dish is perfect for a sweet-and-salty appetite. 

Salad With Avocado 

Salmon, avocado, and almonds are heart-healthy, satisfying lunch ingredients.

Lentil and Steak Salad

This salad has 25 grams of protein from lentils and steak. 

Tuna and Cheddar Wraps

Tuna and cheddar wraps satisfy basic cravings. A fast tuna salad, creamy cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce.

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