College Football Bowl Projections: Ohio State Hurdles Michigan Into Playoff Field

Week 12 Upset: Dive into the unexpected twists of Week 12 as the College Football Playoff predictions take an unpredictable turn.

Michigan's Struggle: Michigan's close call against Maryland has everyone questioning the impact of Jim Harbaugh's absence, shaking up the playoff field.

Ohio State's Ascent: Witness Ohio State's surge in the playoff rankings, putting pressure on Michigan and setting the stage for a crucial face-off at the Big House.

Quarterback Setback: Explore the setback for Florida State as quarterback Jordan Travis is ruled out for the season, paving the way for Tate Rodemaker to step up.

Seminoles' Playoff Hopes: Follow the Seminoles' quest for a playoff spot as Rodemaker faces challenges against Florida and Louisville. Winning with style is the key to securing a spot.

New Year's Six Clarity: Gain insights into the New Year's Six race with Missouri's narrow win over Florida and Penn State's strategic positioning ahead of Mississippi.

At-Large Spot Battles: Join the anticipation as Rebels and Oklahoma vie for at-large spots, hoping for upsets that could reshape the playoff landscape.

Asterisks and Replacements: Understand the significance of asterisks, denoting replacement picks in the evolving bowl game scenario.

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