Best Vitamin-C Rich Foods

1. Kakadu plums

It has the most vitamin C of any food, with up to 2,907 mg per 100 grams (g).

2. Acerola cherries

Acerola cherries have a lot of vitamin C, which helps fight against antioxidants and inflammation.

3. Rose hips

Vitamin C is important for making collagen, which helps keep your skin healthy and elastic as you get older.

4. Chili peppers

But we still need more research to fully understand how chili peppers are good for our health.

5. Guavas

guava, which is about 7 pieces of the fruit, every day for 6 weeks, effectively reduced their blood pressure and total cholesterol levels.

6. Sweet yellow peppers

A big yellow pepper has 342 mg of vitamin C, which is 380% of the recommended daily value. This is more than double the amount in a green pepper.

7. Black currants

A half-cup of black currants contains 102 mg of vitamin C, which is 113% of the recommended daily value.

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