9 Best Post-Workout Habits for Muscle Recovery

1. Cool down

Cooling down initiates healing and prevents "fatigue resistance" after exercise.

2. Get your protein

Protein shakes, Greek yogurt, and lean poultry help boost muscle repair and development.

3. Consume carbs

Complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or brown grains refill your energy for your next workout. 

4. Do foam rolling

Foam rolling relieves tension and knots, enhancing flexibility and post-workout soreness.

5. Prioritize sleep

One study found that sleep deprivation slows muscle repair and weakens the immune system.

6. Hydrate

Hydration is crucial for muscle repair and training performance. 

7. Stretch

Stretching for a few minutes after an exercise reduces muscular discomfort.

8. Take an ice bath

Although intense, ice showers alleviate muscular pain and inflammation, according to study.

9. Enjoy a sauna session

The heat of a sauna helps to loosen muscles up and increase recovery.

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