6 Best Joint-Health Exercises


 It's like using a rowing machine, and it's good for making your waistline smaller after you turn 40.

2. Squats

Even if you have arthritis or knee pain, doing squats the right way can actually help reduce pain and make your knees and hips stronger.

3. Reverse lunges

They can be tough on your knees if you don't do them right.

4. Planks 

They make your core, shoulders, lower back, and butt stronger. You can make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level.

5. Side Plank with Clamshell 

It's a bit challenging, so add it to your routine after you can stay in a side plank for 20 to 30 seconds.

6. Glute Bridges 

These exercises are good for your joints, especially if you're over 30. They make you stronger and protect your body.

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