3 Zodiac Signs Learn Something From Past Relationship Problems

You've worked hard to better yourself in body, mind, and spirit. Love taught you some tough lessons, and now, during the Moon trine Saturn you'll clearly see what went wrong this year.

1. Scorpio

It's a chance to learn from mistakes and make things right in the future. You know what's important in love - mutual respect.


You've become a bit cold toward romance because of past love and losses.During the Moon trine Saturn, you'll realize that this cold attitude isn't helping you learn. 

2. Sagittarius

Rejecting love isn't the lesson; it's running away from it. This day prompts you to find balance and accept vulnerability. Don't stay closed off; be open to life and love again.


Your mind is filled with a lot, making you feel burdened. Reflecting on past mistakes, you see they happened under great pressure.

3. Capricorn

During the Moon trine Saturn, you'll understand where you went wrong and plan your next move. Love has always been a mystery, but now you realize your role in past troubles. 


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