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Brenda Mitchell

Broker / Real Estate Professional


Brenda Mitchell started coming to Oak Island (formerly Yaupon Beach area) during the late 1970’s, her parents had a single mother friend who had a beach house on McGlamery. Brenda’s Dad was handy with house repairs so he opened the beach house in May and did her repair list for her and then in the Fall she would return with her family to winterize the home. Eventually, Brenda and her Dad would be this lady’s chauffeur to the beach house as her family wouldn’t let her make the drive herself.

Brenda has seen the Island change for the last 40+ years but knew that this is where she wanted to eventually move, which she did in 2004. Brenda knows the Island and surrounding areas very well and can not only give you the best knowledge of the immediate area but also the surrounding areas from Wilmington to Myrtle Beach including getting there, getting around, activities and places to see.

After 30 years as a nurse, Brenda had to give that up and she started working for a Real Estate attorney and thus began her interest and career in Real Estate. For the past 6 years she worked at Oak Island Accommodations as a Property Manager eventually working her way up to Property Manager Director. She has a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to have a successful vacation rental as well a long-term rental.

Brenda joined the Lynda Haraway Group Real Estate in January of 2018 to start taking on managing long-term properties as well as developing her skills on being a seller’s and a buyer’s broker.